Our Story

Our Story

The Shewolf brand was established because society needs a reclamation of authentic womanhood and positive female empowerment.

Our brand draws a metaphor of the shewolf to the authentic woman. They can be juxtaposed since women and wolves share similar traits: gracefulness, boldness, cleverness, ferocity, strength, feminine with maternal instincts, as well as being social creatures who protect the pack.

From this metaphor flows the positive female empowerment that is lacking in society. Shewolf encourages an embrace of authentic womanhood that doesn’t need a label like feminist to feel strong.

As a woman in tech, it was surprising to find the most challenging aspect of working in a male dominated field was not my being a woman, rather, it was not fitting the mold of what people would consider a feminist. I don't like to label myself a “feminist” for several reasons. One, the word feminist is loaded, and can mean a myriad of different things to different people. Two, feminism implies that women were somehow weak prior to the advent of feminism which is a blatantly false narrative. And last, modern feminism has messaging that can be negative such as shirts with themes of “the future is female” or “women will save the world.” It's sad that men and women are being pitted against one another by these radical ideologies. This made me want to design graphic tees with positive female empowerment messages, which could also benefit our beautiful environment.

In the summer of 2016, an article was published on the near-extinction of the red wolf, which nearly met its end in the 1970s, but was saved by a North Carolina program to repopulate the breed. This program recently lost government funding and the future of the red wolf is again in jeopardy.

Wolves are essential to our environment and there is no excuse for letting such a line of beautiful creatures die. As a society, we definitely have the capabilities to save them - we just need to raise people’s awareness. 

Our brand gives back part of our profits to environmental organizations continuing to support red wolf recovery.

It is our hope that this brand can start a conversation, not only for saving the red wolf, but to challenge what feminism means and what defines true female empowerment.